US Sweeteners

Enhancing Your Menu


US Sweeteners is intimately familiar with all related market needs. Providing the essential ingredients to sweeten and enhance your products, we help you please your clientele and reinforce your reputation of trusting distinction.

Bakery Goods
Heavenly Creations


We are your partners-in-baking! More than the icing on the cake, our sugars and sweetening agents provide the delicious component necessary to create a full menu of masterfully baked goods. Reach out for samples or order for prompt delivery of your comprehensive needs.

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Us Sweeteners 15
Thirst Quenching


Invite your consumer audience to refreshing coolers and soothing hot drinks, enhanced with trusted ingredients. Partnering you in creating the perfect blend of beverage, we present quality spices, collagen, vitamins & supplements, flavors & extracts, color, coconut oil, cocoa powder and more.

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Brewery And Wine
Toast to Life

Brewery & Wine

Years of interactive involvement in the brewery and winery industries has empowered us with the knowledge and ingredient-supply to help companies in the fermenting and taste enhancement processes. Invite us to contribute to each sip with quality sugars, sweeteners, flavors and related agents.

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Sweets And Snacks
Sweet Tooth


We help you add the spice of life to your products with snacks that appeal to the sweet tooth, as well as the appetite for tangy, salty or other types of crisp crunch. Order from our broad range of nuts, grains, seeds, herbs, spices, sweeteners, specialty powders and other enhancing agents.

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Pharma Needs
Over & Under


We help the medicine go down in the most delightful way with all the essential pharmaceutical ingredients. In accordance with industry standards, we provide antioxidants, amino acids & supplements, tableting, gelatin/pectin/gum, glycerin/lecithin, sweeteners, flavors, colors and more.

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Dairy Products
Milk & Honey


I SCREAM for Ice cream, cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products with conductive ingredients from US Sweeteners. Water-binding, emulsifying and flavor-building milk powders, whey, casein, lactose, cheese powders, dairy solids, and goat dairy are just some of the enhancing products we supply.

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Sauces And Condiments
Flavor + Texture


Mark your company as the leader in the industry with flavorful sauces and condiments, sweetened and spiced to perfection. Supplying you with the essentials that add augmented taste and binding elements to your product, we help you brand your excellence and drive your sales.

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Health And Nutrition
Empowering Wellbeing


Contemporary society has become attuned to health and wellbeing. Complementing your mission in providing consumers with health enhancers composed of pure ingredients, we are your premier source for antioxidants, aminos, stevia, allutos, protein, fruit & vegetable powders, fiber and more.

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Pet Food
Furry Friends


Enable your customers to become their pets’ best friends with healthy food ingredients that contribute to animal longevity and wellbeing. In the know of market trends, we keep abreast of the science of pet nutrition and enhance the taste and quality of your products.

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Meat And Seafood
Prime Fare


Season your meat and seafood product with just the right enhancing spices or garnishings to capture the taste and presentation of consumers. Select from our ever-expanding inventory of sugars, sweeteners, flavors, herbs and blends, Jalapenos, Habaneros, other exotics, starches, and more.

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Cosmetics And Other
Personal Needs


Sourcing your cosmetic and personal needs ingredients from us gives your consumers the real deal of confidence in product safety and purity. Contributing to their personal image and self-confidence, they offer an added stamp of reputable excellence.

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