US Sweeteners

Crystalline Fructose

A crystalline form of glucose, crystalline fructose is an additive created out of corn or sugar cane. It is typically used as a nutritive or caloric sweetener for foods and drinks.


A multi-purpose nutritive sweetener, dextrose is derived from corn and has 70% of the sweetness of conventional sugar. Its light sweet taste offers a cooling, smooth feel in an array of foods and beverages.

Glucose Syrup Solids

Glucose syrup solids are made of dried glucose syrup created by converting cornstarch. It is used as a sweetener and bodying agent in confectionery products and jams, jellies and preserves, as well as syrups and toppings.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High-fructose corn serum is derived from cornstarch with some of the glucose converted to fructose. It is used as a less expensive alternative to sucrose in commercial manufacturing of food and drinks.


A white, powdery starch, maltodextrin is used as a flavoring and thickening agent that improves the shelf life of a variety of foods. It is also used as a carbohydrate supplement and is a widely present ingredient in packaged baked goods, candies and soft drinks.


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